Project & Site SupervsionProject & Site Supervsion



Kenneally Rochford & Associates Ltd can supervise the construction of residential, commercial, or agricultural projects for the purposes of ensuring compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

We can manage the construction of the project and direct people to make sure building projects are completed safely, on time and within budget.




Project & Site Supervsion






We are also responsible for making sure that construction projects run smoothly.
Our service involves a series of scheduled visits to the site
at pre-determined stages such as foundations, wall plate, roof stage, etc.






Project & Site Supervsion





In addition, unscheduled visits are undertaken to monitor progress and ensure compliance. The service normally includes the provision of a full building specification and construction drawings, the issuing of interim and final certificates of compliance with Planning Permission and Building Regulations, and stage payment certificates for the purposes of drawing down funds from the relevant lending institution.